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The Greenbelt MakerSpace plans to have quarterly Repair Cafés; see the latest posts for specifics. Our Repair Cafè is a free community service offered by a volunteer staff to help people learn how to repair their damaged or broken goods.

Come learn how to repair your tired or broken stuff or help repair others’ items, and rescue them from the recycle or garbage bins. Bring your clothing, furniture, appliances, computers, jewelry, toys, etc. for the challenge of making it useful again.

Volunteers are welcome (and needed!!) to join us in making this a great community event, no experience necessary! The MakerSpace Repair Café program, the first in the Mid-Atlantic region, started in 2014 and is made possible by an eager supporting group of volunteers.  Please email or show up to help (but it would be great to hear from you in advance).

We’ll set up several repair stations to focus on different types of objects: clothing and fabric items, computers, electronics, small appliances, jewelry, small motors, bicycles, and furniture.

Some types of repair work will be made easy simply by having the right tools for the job such as a sewing machine for a ripped shirt sleeve, glue and clamps for a loose chair leg, or silver solder for a damaged earring. Other repair work may need experienced people to help you rewire electrical connections or diagnose a tough computer glitch. Some items may need matching materials or spare parts to complete the repair, which the owner may already have. Otherwise, owners will be assisted in ordering the needed parts from local businesses, and repairs can be made at a later date.

Of course, not everything can be repaired, and some may end up going to the electronics recycling or other recycling.  We can’t promise to fix everything.

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