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The Art of 3D Printing

3D printing is an innovative technology that allows you to create a physical item from a digital model. As innovative as the technology is, it certainly isn’t new. 3D printing started in the 80’s, under the name “Rapid Prototyping.” It's [...]

Top 5 STEM Activities for Kids

What is STEM, and why is it important? STEM is a curriculum based on science, technology, engineering, and math, but rather than teach these subjects discretely and separately, STEM integrates the subjects into a cohesive learning paradigm with real-world applications. [...]

Safe Solar Viewer (Again!)

Are you planning on viewing the Solar Eclipse (Monday, August 21, 2017)?  Are you traveling to view the total eclipse?  (Maryland is located outside the total eclipse zone.)  Avoid eye damage by using proper techniques during partial eclipse phases. Join [...]

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Rubik’s Cube Solver Bot

One of our makers at Just Robotics Summer Camp built a Rubik's Cube Solver Bot.  The robot was based on the Mindcub3r design for LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Set.MakerSpace has a resident rubik's cube solver that often performs at festivals and [...]

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Dale Dougherty, and Maker Faires

Dale Daugherty is a technology and publishing enthusiast. He co-founded O'Reilly Media, founded MAKE magazine, and created the world's largest DIY festival, Maker Faire. I know Mr. Daugherty (he doesn't know me, I'm sure) from his pioneering creation of Global [...]

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Stephen Ritz, and the Green Bronx Machine

Stephen Ritz is a teacher at Discovery High School in the Bronx, NY. Working in special education, he works with "the most marginalized and disenfranchised [students] in New York City." In 2009, his students built an "edible wall" in their science [...]

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Dave Eggers and 826 Valencia

Dave Eggers is a writer, editor, and publisher. When he was ready to collect his partners and colleagues into one co-working space, they went two steps beyond opening a traditional office. First, they allocated space and their afternoon hours to [...]

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