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The Greenbelt Makerspace is a non-profit activity center located at 115 Centerway, Suite 108, Greenbelt MD 20770. If you know Old Greenbelt, we are on Roosevelt Center Plaza across from the City Theatre.

We opened in April of 2013 and have worked hard to develop resources and programs to engage our members in activities related to science, technology, arts, and crafts. We depend on voluntary donations from “sustaining members”, and general donations, grants, and sponsorships. GreenSTEMs Inc., a non-profit Maryland corporation formed by Eva Fallon and George Boyce in 2010, is the entity that created the MakerSpace facility. In 2017, ownership of the facility and programs was transferred to a new non-profit community-owned cooperative.

Our primary technical areas of focus are computer science, robotics, microelectronics, and general science. Our members are also interested in non-technical activities such as writing, knitting, crafts, and family game play.

The major sections of our facility include:
  • a general work area that can seat up to 40 for presentations and workshops
  • a social area, with a big screen TV, that can seat another 10 people
  • a robotics table, usually set up for FIRST LEGO League practice
  • a small workshop area, with power tools and bench machines
  • a loading dock for larger outdoor projects
  • a kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, sink, and a serving counter.

The MakerSpace is open to teens and adults, and to families with younger kids. Note: the MakerSpace is not a licensed child care facility. Kids under 8 may not be left unattended. Kids 8-12 may be left to attend organized activities. Teens may visit the facility with parental permission. Join online or in person. Contact us with any questions or concerns

The MakerSpace is converting to become owned and operated by a community co-op

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