Greenbelt Makerspace Cooperative Tool Lending Library

//Greenbelt Makerspace Cooperative Tool Lending Library

Greenbelt Makerspace Cooperative Tool Lending Library

The Greenbelt MakerSpace is starting a tool lending library in the bottom floor of the Granite Building in Roosevelt Center. In preparation, the Makerspace will start accepting donation of tools and other items suitable for lending. Volunteers for working on the library are also welcome (email  Next steps include documenting the items for lending and setting up their display.

The Tool Lending Library will be like a public library except for borrowing tools. Our goals include:

• Equity: provide access to everyone for making repairs and creating
• Sustainability: reduce number of tools manufactured and trashed
• Community: abundance for all our neighbors
• Growth: opportunity for growth, learning, experimentation
• Cost: share cost of purchase and maintenance
• Space: access to hundreds of tools without needing to store them
• Knowledge: space for learning, training and workshops
• Confidence: build skills and confidence at your own pace

There will be an annual library/membership fee to defray the costs of rent and insurance that is not yet decided, but likely on a sliding scale by income.

We also plan to resume the repair cafes, perhaps using the area just outside the Granite building.

Greenbelt MakerSpace continues to work with The SPACE: Free Art for All In Beltway Mall.

We’ll plan an annual meeting in early 2022.

If you have any questions, email

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