Psychesdolls Workshop Sunday

//Psychesdolls Workshop Sunday

Psychesdolls Workshop Sunday

This Sunday 4/23 from 4 PM to 6 PM, Cynthia Swan will be bringing her Psychesdolls back to MakerSpace! This is the perfect opportunity to create unique, handcrafted holiday gifts for your friends and family.

What are Psychesdolls? In Cynthia’s words:

We will create small yet powerful figurative collages, called Psychesdolls, an assemblage art doll that emerges from our imagination. Using a variety of elements including beads and ribbons, we will dress our clothespin. As we continue to add buttons, and combine wire, beads and ribbons, you will notice the unique art doll forming into a whimsical image.

Many are drawn to the miniature dolls saying, “This one makes me think of the opera. That one is like my old auntie.” Psychesdolls have a way of speaking to us, because we have created the projective images out of our intuition and creativity. Like a dream, the doll invites parts of us to become visible.

When you bring fabric, paper, buttons, beads, and wire together to create a Psychesdoll, your personal image comes to life.  You might experience play-full creativity, a strengthening a willingness to trust our intuition. The finished Art Doll will be a synthesis of elements, a one-of-a-kind Psychesdoll.

Individual Psychesdolls are available for purchase from Cynthia. 303-437-7505

Come by MakerSpace on Sunday with a small donation ($15 suggested) to help cover the cost, and create a one-of-a-kind Psychesdoll to give to a loved one.

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