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Join Me in Building a Hi/Low Tech Bookmobile

Our MakerWagon project will allow us to take our MakerSpace activities and programs on the road, to low-income, at-risk neighborhoods, to engage kids, teens, and families. Everything from our Little Makers program for pre-K kids learning to enjoy arts and crafts, to vocational and life skills training, Repair Café, and citizen science projects.

There was a time in my life when I would never had missed a game. Even now the letter E is enough for my browser to suggest a link to the latest scores and highlights. I think I know who played last night…

But for the last five years I have been increasingly focused on a different type of passion, one that I’m helping to build, consuming all of my time, mental and physical, and all of my “spare” cash.

I’m doing this for the kids I never raised, for the neighborhoods I lived in but never called home. I’m doing what I didn’t know I would love doing.

Please join me to help build the next phase of the Greenbelt MakerSpace. And maybe I can help you find a mission to embrace as I have.

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