Seeking Summer Interns

//Seeking Summer Interns

Seeking Summer Interns

We may not have a huge salary pool. Ok, we’re all unpaid volunteers… but we have a lot of fun, especially during our summer camp programs! And the rewarding feeling we have on Friday afternoon, as our kids share their projects with family and friends, is too immense to measure. We have three week long camps this summer, two with a focus on robotics and a third featuring a variety mix of technical topics.

No experience is required. We will prep you for the most common questions, but really we mostly use the “granny” method. Sit back and admire their work, nod your head (un)knowingly, show amazement at their creativity, and provide an ample amount of encouragement. We want to show kids the “maker movement” style of education. Hands-on. Fun. And accidentally educational.

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